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Lost e mail address

i am using an IPad and I phone but used to have a lap top operating windows.

I have a google address and received mail in a similar manner to my lap top using the blue icon with a white envelope on it but suddenly (shortly after the last IOS update ) I was unable to receive or send any mail using it. Fortunately I had sometime in the past installed a Google Mail app (icon with a white envelope and a large red M on it) and found that it was receiving and sending mail. However I don’t like the functionality of this app compared to the other and wish to restore my old system. I have been through the gmail recovery process many times supplying them with questions but it always end# with them saying that the will come back to me with a solution but they then simply ask me to go through the whole process again! I am completely lost and hope that I haven’t had my address stolen. If I have, why am I still getting mail on the gmail app and is that still secure? Can anyone advise me as to how precisely I can get my original system back up and running and retrieve a years worth of apparently lost emails.

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