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How do I stream video to a projector and audio to Airport Express?

How do you set up a home theater using Apple TV? I want to stream videos from a Mac/iMac/iPad to an Apple TV connected to a projector with audio going out to an Airport Express.

The settings in the Apple TV refuse to stay put, so each time I Airplay to my Apple TV, the audio setting flips back to HDMI (which is how the Apple TV connects to the projector) and audio comes out of the tinny little speaker in the projector.

If I go to settings on a Macbook and select my Airport Express for audio, the video stops and audio comes out of the Airport Express-connected speakers.

If I try to use a third-party application (Rogue Amoeba Airfoil), I get a 2 second delay in the audio! This delay cannot be removed, per Rogue Amoeba, only reduced.

I used to be able to stream video and audio through my 3rd generation Apple TV. But Apple, as usual, broke this functionality with their Airplay 2 system. Does anyone know how to get round this problem? Are there any non-Apple products that will do the job (wirelessly)?

Any help would be appreciated.


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