iCloud on my Mac

How to restore Notes from TimeMachine (individual notes and all notes)?

Best way to backup in real time?

Best way to restore a single note (not in the trash)?

Best way to export multiple notes at the same time to save to local storage?

Not "Sync" but a real backup where you know what is backed up, when, how, and how to restore edits and/or notes (with images, video, links, etc).

Shame on Apple for building a product, getting us to commit our data, and not supporting a viable solution to control our data. Restoring from iCloud / TimeMachine and overwriting all data is not viable. Thats pathetic, Apple.

What Apple offers at 1 PDF export at a time is not viable!

Currently have over 1000 notes – many of which are extremely valuable notes with videos, images, links, etc.

I need a way to backup in real time.

I need to bulk export with one click.

I need to be able to sync to Google Drive for backup.

How and why in the **** does Apple only allow a single PDF backup at a time!! Terrible!! Plus it doesn't export videos as playable, and can not reimport the same way the content was exported.

Many problems that power users or users who value their data have.

Most people don't find a solution so they give up – this is why you don't see so many people posting about this topic.

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