iCloud on my iOS device

missing photos and videos after backup

I need help to recover something like seven thousand photos e another thousand and so videos. On 19 oct. I visited apple store in Portland and decided to buy the new Iphone. I was instructed by the Apple's sales representative to buy more space on ICloud and make a backup of all my stuff. He helped me to buy more space on Icloud and also to start the backup. After that he helped me transfer everything to the new phone and I was assured buy two representatives that everything was stored on the cloud and would be transfered to the new phone or any other device. I gave my old I phone as part of the payment and allowed them erase everything on it. The representative also helped me to transfer all my photos and videos to the new phone. But the problem is that less than one third of what I had on the old phone came back from the Icloud. There are several gaps of entire months and weeks of photos and videos. All missing. It starts ok, with the first photo I took with the old phone, than come the gaps. In 2009, after sevaral gaps, its stops on 26 June and no photo or video got stored on Icloud after this date. Can someone help me? Are they somewhere?

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