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How do I get back photos from this year back to my phone? Because my phone restarted and it’s went back to last year’s data, but I don’t have my new stuff anymore. What should I do?

So I turnt off my phone and it restarted. Everything from this year is gone photos, messages and more. It came back on and I have all my last year stuff but not this year’s stuff. I’m confused on how to get my new stuff back. How would I go about doing that?

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I wanna know if apple sent me an email about Apple ID


здравствуйте! подключилась к Apple TV и у меня подписка год бесплатно, но сайт пытается списать с меня 49,99$ уже за подключение. как решить эту ошибку во избежание списания?


Apple ID requests for strange IDs


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