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AppleTV Dropping Sound During HD Playback

I've done several searches for this, but have been unable to find anything addressing my specific problem. I've been working on backing up my my DVD and Blu-Ray collection to my PC, and have been converting all videos to AppleTV-compatible .mp4 format, using WinX HD Video Converter. To date, I have have zero issues with playing back standard definition videos in iTunes or streaming to AppleTV, however HD titles are a different story. The HD videos play back just fine in iTunes, but when I stream them through the ATV, at some point in the playback the soundtrack will stutter and cut-out completely. When this happens, I have to hit the Menu button to back out of the video, then resume playback; sound works fine when I resume from last point. I usually have to do this once or twice per episode when watching TV shows, and 4-5 times for movies. I have tried restarting the ATV, and I have also taken the ATV and my PC off the wi-fi, so the stream is travelling though CAT5e the whole way. Any help to nail down this issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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