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2018 MacBook Air Bricked After 15.1 Catalina Update

I have a 2018 Retina MacBook Air. I've had it for nearly a year, and have never had any problems with it, until now. I updated to Mac OS Catalina a couple weeks ago without incident. The update went fine, and everything worked afterwards.

Yesterday I got a notification from Settings telling me there is a Catalina update to 15.1. I clicked ok, and the update downloaded. After downloading I got the usual prompt to restart, clicked ok on that too. The computer shut down, and has never started up again since.

It is 100% un-responsive. No chime sound when plugging in the charger, no response from the trackpad, won't power on, won't do anything. Its basically a paperweight now. I tried all the usual things, resetting the SMC, tried booting into recovery with cmd+r. The thing is literally dead.

Anyone else experiencing this with newer macbooks?

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