iPod classic

my music library has been usurped by apple

how do I get my music back , it's taken it from my hard drives and my iPod classic which I want to restore but it only shows me the last two albums I purchased , *** ?! doesn't having hundreds of Billions in the bank and being the largest most successful enterprise on this planet earn any rewards and loyalty to it's customers? It's got to take away the items I paid for and require me to download them when I bought and paid for them previously, now I have to re-rip all my CD's back onto my hard drive only to have this ******** happen again ? I bet I'm not the only sucker drawn in by this ********, I have been (past tense) a loyal Apple consumer sine the Apple IIe and the first iMacs came out. Now I must spend weeks of my spare time rebuilding my collection. This is ******* ******** !

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