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MacBook Pro 13" Retina Early 2015 restarts itself(?) whenever it wants

I think my laptop is restarting itself. It usually happens when it's closed all night, and I get the effects when I want to use it in the morning. Sometimes it happens during the day, for example if I'm using it in the morning, close it, go have lunch or something, and come back in the afternoon a few hours later. Sometimes it'll happen when I just leave it open and don't touch it for awhile. 95% of the time, it's been after a long enough period of inactivity that I'd need to enter my password again.

Going off the effects, I'm not 100% sure it actually is restarting, but I think it is. So I go to log on, and everything is kind of frozen for a bit. Usually it's showing my wallpaper and the password screen. Then it'll 'unfreeze' (I guess) and show the default Catalina wallpaper and the password screen. I enter my password, it takes longer than it should to log in, and all hidden files on the desktop are now displayed and all my Safari tabs have decided to refresh themselves, and are no longer in the configuration that they were (for example, windows that were fullscreen are now just piled onto the desktop). It could be as few as two tabs on one window or as many as 20-30 tabs across 5+ windows. This is exceedingly annoying because it increases the amount of time it takes to get back to actually using the computer. It happens almost every morning and it's tiresome. This started happening before I updated to Catalina, and my laptop says my battery condition is 'Replace Soon', and I haven't gotten around to getting it replaced yet. I think this behavior started before the battery degraded into its current condition though. Any help would be appreciated.

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