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Can't Select Multiple Files in iPad app from Finder in Catalina

I did the Catalina update a week ago, and apart from teething troubles (Time Machine fail and bye-bye Photoshop CS6), everything is working smoothly, apart from:

I can't figure how to select multiple files in an iPad app, using Finder.

In Mojave, inside iTunes, I could select one or more files in an app like ForScore, using all the regular touch-pad plus shift, command, etc. But in Catalana, when selecting files that are on the iPad in such an app, these keys do nothing, and I can only select one file at a time.

If, at the end of a concert, I want to delete 139 score files, and start over with new ones from the Mac, I used to be able to select them all with "command-A", then hit "DEL", and they'd all go at once after a single confirm alert.

Now, it seems, I have to delete each file in turn, each with the confirm alert.

What have I missed? How do I select more than one file at a time, that's on the iPad?


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