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Battery Health Capacity Dropped

Okay, this could probably means nothing to everybody but I recently discovered this. I purchased the iPhone 11 Pro Max on the preorder day and got it on the launch day. So the battery health was at 100% but as of today, it dropped ONE percent. I tried to figure out why and what did I do wrong. so what I did was when I fully charged the phone, I unplug. I let it drains down to 20%. Prior to doing to maximize the performance, I had no clues how to get the best out of my battery life. The Apple tech support explained that I should have let the battery get down to 20% with however usage I use: normal or heavy. Once it gets to 20%, I recharge it. I even checked the optimized battery charging to ON. So, I have no idea why it dropped 1 percent to 99 now… I mean, this is a two months old iPhone and I never had this issue with iPhone 7 Plus, I remembered the battery health was at 98% after ONE year. I mean, already in two months, it dropped 1 percent.

Can anyone help me to understand what and why this happened?

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