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Audio Stops With Newest AirPods

Oct 2019… I have a iPhone X and the original Airpods. After having the best experience with original AirPods since the day they came out… I recently upgraded and purchased the newest AirPods. My thinking was it would be great if they paired faster and switched devices easier… especially on the iPhone. (and aside – wouldn't it be great if they just put a pair button on the top level instead of having to drill down to do it… it is the function I MOST use on the iPhone).

All my software and firmware is updated. The trouble I have is the new AirPods cause the Audio (Podcasts, Music everything) to sporadically STOP. I have to reach for my phone (or Latop) to hit play again. I've tried all the fixes… turning off auto find (but why… that's exactly what I want them to do).

One of the things I truly am frustrated with… when an upgrade is a downgrade. Added features cause a device to JUST NOT WORK.

Does anyone know any secret that doesn't involve opening Terminal and spending 15 minutes following instructions that will lead me to having to use Time Machine to restore all my devices! HA!

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