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Do I need to be a registered developer to compile and run my own apps on macOS Catalina?

Hi, after I upgraded to Catalina I noticed that none of the 64bit apps I had generated or compiled myself (using open source tools like Godot Engine and others tools that generate C++ code, but not using Xcode directly) could launch anymore, always returning a "The application can't be opened" message without any details. Launching the apps via command line returns an "error -10810".

I don't mind recompiling them, but even when I do that in Catalina I still get the same error. The latest Xcode is installed with command line tools. I even tried disabling security features like Gatekeeper ("sudo spctl –master-disable") and allowing apps from anywhere, and nothing. I can generate an app, but can't run it.

Is there something I'm missing? Maybe I need to be a registered developer and pay the annual fee or something like that?

I'm on a 2015 MacBook Pro, if that helps (a model that did not have the security chip yet)


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