iCloud on my iOS device

Shared NOTES won’t sync changes since iOS 13

Noticed this sometime after iOS 13 update – used to use shared iCloud Notes with my family flawlessly – we would share shopping lists, trip lists, tasks, etc – checkboxes would work perfectly – any changes would sync almost instantaneously –

Sometime after iOS 13, I noticed any shared note (old or newly created) whether I create or am invited, when I make changes, they only show on my device – and when others make changes, I cannot see their changes – but the changes sync and display fine for rest of my family –

We all have iPhoneXR as of about 2 months ago (we all had iPhone 6s prior, for almost 4 years – ever since iCloud Notes were introduced along with the sharing ability, that feature worked perfectly for us all)

I’ve run every update that’s been released (currently on iOS 13.2) – tried the disable/re-enable Note sync in iCloud – tried deleting and reinstalling the Note app – tried the soft reset (volume up, volume down, hold sleep until it reboots) multiple times, and in between the previous steps – and not been able to find any info on anyone else having the issue

Super frustrated, as I really like the iOS 13 update, and that is a super useful feature that my family uses frequently

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