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Extremely disappointed upgrade… #errorcodeseverywhere

First of all, what a horrible experience!!! Just upgraded to Catalina to find out that my entire music library of 17 years are not recognised… I can't import anything, no playlists shows up, I can't even access Apple Music. I'm just getting error codes when signing in. Also, Beats Radio gives me error codes stating that the 'service' is not available in my country, though I've been listening to this since launch…

Please if anyone has any advice how to fix this, please help!

I've ran diagnosis to check all my privacy settings allowing access, I've even created new music libraries, however nothing is working. I really don't know what to do, I literarily have thousands of playlists I shuffle through daily and now there is nothing…

Hardware specs:

MacBook Pro 13" with touch bar – Late 2018 model

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