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Spotlight no longer searches mail and all other stuff Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  joopfromvalkenburg Latest update on the question 2 replies 10 views asked by  joopfromvalkenburg User profile for user: vida1989 vida1989 User level: Level 1 I can not update my iphone , almost 35 Gb is free on storage but still it stuck in remaining time , could you please help me how can i fox it

Recently I noticed lots of missing mails when searching the search bad as I have been doing for years. Also smart mailboxes no longer accurate; but that probably concerns the same index. Finder, programs everything is not searching accurately anymore.

Of course I searched support and the internet tips and did about all I could. Build mailboxes again, synchronize mailboxes again, in spotlight preferences set my drives to skip searching and (after rebooting) activated that again to re-index; even installed my mailboxes all new. I am out of options and really miss my efficient search bar everywhere.

Could anyone help me with this???

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