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Any Macintosh Applications for Google Blogger Publishing That Actually Work?

Tried Many But Found None!

Blogo: Dead.

MarsEdit: Dead.

Any Macintosh Applications for Google Blogger Publishing That Actually Work?


A company that marketed the app and issued last version 6 has recently placed it back in the hands of original developer. A new version 7 was issued but its now in the hands of one person. It crashes or does not respond (freezes) and needs to be forced to quit. Posts with images in them never upload – just a spinning icon that background work is in progress. Useless.

Ecto: Dead.


Yes, the application will publish a new MarkDown document to Blogger as a HTML post. Yes, you can save your document to your Macintosh and reopen it to edit it. The document saved on your Macintosh is not linked to your previously published post. If you edit it and and then publish it again it does not update your previously published post, but created a new post on Blogger. Cannot publish images ot Blogger. Does not import Blogger posts. Can't publish as a Draft on Blogger. Useless.


Does upload, but images are stored in Google Drive at the original size. This will cost a fortune to use in hosting costs. Offline drafts appear to be saved on the Mac at a unknown location as they are not uploaded to Blogger, but once these are posted as Drafts or Published articles there is no copy of post retained on the Macintosh. Should something happen to the Blogger account all written work would be lost. So you are basically stuck with only uploading text to Blogger as Drafts or Published Posts and then uploading your images seperately into Google Album Archives and then inserting those later via Blogger's own editor.

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