macOS Mojave

[MBPR late 2016 15" TB] Reproducible kernel panic in sleep

My MBPR was running all good until recently found it keeps getting kernel panic every time the system is getting sleep

what I have done to troubleshoot

  • running safe mode
  • resetting NVRAM/SMC multiple times
  • fresh reinstalling 10.12 and 10.14, without any extra stuffs installed
  • tuning every parameters in "energy saver" of settings
  • deleting sleepimage file

all of these won't work, with the same KP

It seems like a world-wide known issue, mainly on late 2016 15", can. anybody please help?

the warranty expired but I still tried to seek help from genius, but they wont do/don't know anything after seeing the diagnostic results are passed

kernel panic log

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