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Preview search not working MacOS Catalina

When I open a pdf in preview and search for any term for the first time, it shows highlighted results by page and an option to go to next page. Now when I search for another term, it doesn't show me highlights but just show me number of page and no option to scroll to the next page!

Also, Once I search something in the Pdf and then cancel it, I am no longer able to select anything in the pdf. Technically not able to do anything at all. I have to close the pdf and then re-open it to do so.

Very frustrating!!

Any solution?

I have attached screenshots of the problem for better understanding.

My first search : PRISM .. works fine (2 pages, accessible by "Found on 2 page")

Preview search not working MacOS Catalina

My second search: GLOBAL .. there are many pages with GLOBAL word but doesn't highlight like the first search and not accessible by "Found on 7 pages".

Also, not able to select any sentences after first search.

Preview search not working MacOS Catalina

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