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My subject of the post about my medical ID

I would like to talk about my Apple ID in the last month I recover my Apple ID with help of Apple customer support their name

I have to recover my that ID because of someone stolen my SIM card and change my password and he blackmailed me with some of my iCloud picture after recover my ID and never stop received as come call from him the person I know and the same person who did this with me and with some people then I start using another Apple ID Apple ID is start any other phone number few days before I call Apple support to know is there anyone can possibly use my Apple ID for my phone then and that give me a case number and right now I received some come call from him and he told me that he got my Apple ID and everything on my phone then he open a medical ID is is unknown most important he told me over phone that he can control my body heart mind and I think I am getting sick and upset in my mind so I want to delete medical ID of my iPhone 6.

September21 i get a email on my mail which are sign in my iphone 6.

This email

your account is hm.Sarkar was just used to sign in on IOS and Mac OS.

But i have no mac devices or i cannot sign in my apple id on the mac i refrain for that.

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