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google “my maps” fails to display correctly

I created a custom google map with “my maps” that displays a number of location pins. For months, this was working just fine, then all of a sudden it started to fail on iPhone and iPad devices. Instead of displaying my custom map with my location pins, it displays the default map with my current location.

the map displays correctly when using any PC, Macbook, any android devices, select browsers like Puffin, Opera and DuckDuckGo… but fails with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge.

at first I thought it was related to the iOS 13 update, but it also seems to fail on iOS 12 devices. The problem is being reported by many different iOS users.

surprisingly, in Safari, if I hold my finger on the link to the map, and select Open in New Tab from the pop-up selections, the map opens correctly!

The map in question can be found on this page: It is the link at the bottom: Click Here for Map

Any suggestions or ideas?

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