MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro signed me out of everything and doesn't accept sign back in

I woke up this morning to find my Messages wouldn't update because of, supposedly, something to do with iCloud. I attempted to sign in with iCloud and was told repeatedly that my password is incorrect. I try the password to login to my Apple ID through a browse, and it works fine. It also works on my other Apple devices.

So I sign out of iCloud, and now when I try to sign back in I get the fields for Apple ID and Password, but when I input them it "thinks" for a second and then goes back to the same thing: blank fields asking for ID and password. It does this over and over again. Meanwhile, Messages still keeps saying the correct password is incorrect.

When I sign into manage my Apple ID online on a web browser, the password works perfectly; in fact that's what I'm writing from right now. Any idea what's going on? The only other clue I have is that I was also signed out of Skype on this Mac last night, for whatever reason. Something with the keychain?

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