issues with logging out, enabling extensions and autocorrect.

Hi, for a while I have been facing some small yet frustrating problems with my iMac.

First issue is that when I log out of 'guest user' the screen turns blank instead of going to the main log in page where I can log back in to any other accounts.

second issue is that after installing softwares such as 'AdBlock' to stop adds from popping up when watching youtube my iMac automatically disables extensions after a day. When I untick the 'disable extensions' it doesn't seem to work at all… so I then have to press 'Allow unsigned extensions' type my password in, doable extension, and then add on the 'AdBlock' as extension again. However, this setting automatically resets within a few hours for some reason. It is incredibly frustrating and would appreciate it if someone can help. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

lastly, well, I hope this is the last thing… When typing i would expect the computer to auto correct certain things such as changing 'i' into a capital 'I'instead of manually doing it. is there a setting i have to go on to change this?

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