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Merge PDFs in Catalina (MacOS 10.15.1)

After many false starts I have found a way to merge pages from separate PDF into one combined PDF.

In Preview open two PDF files (PDF1 & PDF2)

In both files open thumbnail view (View>Thumbnails)

To combine pages:

1. Select the required page(s) in the thumbnail bar of PDF2

2. Drag these selected page(s) to the required position in the thumbnail bar of PDF1

note: at this stage the pages will still have the original names from their source files

3. On PDF1 go File>Print to open the Print menu

4. In the Print menu click on the PDF box (bottom left)

5. In the dropdown menu click on “Open in Preview”

6. A new Preview window will open with both (all) pages from the original PDFs

note: they will now be numbered 1,2,3… in the order you selected

7. Save this combined file with a new name (e.g. PDFs-combined)

note: before pressing Save check the save location – the default is iCloud>Documents

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