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Why do my Photo Stream photos also show up in my main Photos library on my iMac?

I have read all the apple support pages I can find about using Photo Stream and iCloud for photos on my iMac and iPhone, but remain puzzled about one thing. My settings on my iMac: My Photo Stream is turned on and iCloud Photo Library is turned off. On my iPhone: both are turned on. When I take an iPhone photo, it shows up in My Photo Stream on my iMac. What surprises me, is that the photo also shows up in the main Photos folder. And if I delete the photo from either place, it is removed from both places.

What's going on here? My expectation was that the photo should only show up in Stream, and if I want it permanently in Photos, I would need to move a copy from Stream to Photos before the 30-day expiration from Stream. But it's already there in Photos, and apparently not permanently, since deleting it from Stream also deletes it from Photos. What will happen after 30 days — will the photo disappear from both Stream and Photos on my iMac? If that's what happens, how do I go about making sure that Photo Stream photos are permanently saved to Photos? I see no straight-forward way to copy or import the photo from Stream to Photos, in part because it's already in Photos.

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