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I'm getting the message "This account already exists" when trying to re-add an email account, even when I've signed out of iCloud. Any suggestions?


This is a bit of a long one… my emails weren't sending, I was getting a message about "no outgoing server" and that my emails would be saved until they could be sent.

Upon checking my email account settings, I realised that in the outgoing mail server box "none" was selected, and there was no details in the drop down box to choose from.

I then went about investigating what I needed to put in (I have 1 iCloud email and 2 x hotmail emails).

But I keep coming up against some issues.

  1. when putting in the outgoing mail server details for 1 of my hotmail accounts, it keeps automatically reverting to the iCloud server details
  2. even though I have deleted this email account, and signed out of iCloud, I am still getting a "this account already exists" message when trying to re-add the 2nd hotmail account
  3. the emails still aren't sending (using either of the outgoing mail server details I've set up).

Can anyone please help? I'm beyond frustrated!


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