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So I am aware that Apple has it where we have to pay for apps. My friend though has not set up her Apple Pay account, nor did she ever saved her credit/debit cards in her account. She is able to install apps all month long when I try I get a toggle window saying that my purchase was declined and to enter my Apple ID password. I pay my due amount on every month on time, so why am I having this issue?? I’m confused on how my friend is able to install apps, but I can’t. She doesn’t pay anything monthly either. My monthly subscriptions of greater iCloud space, Apple Music, and I’m sure I also pay the $2.99 for the App Store. My due balance comes to $18 or $18.99. I don’t see how I don’t get that access but someone else who doesn’t pay at all, nor stored any payment cards into their account gets that access.. please help me!

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