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Photos on Catalina cannot Access any library

I have a ~460 GB photo library on an external APFS container that worked fine on Mojave.

After the update I get the message

Die App „Fotos“ hat keine Zugriffsberechtigung für die Mediathek „Fotos Library“.

Erlaube den Zugriff auf die Mediathek, indem du im Finder auf sie doppelklickst oder sie unter „Anderes öffnen …“ auswählst.

(German for The App "Photos" has no permission to access the library "Photos Library" Grant access to the library by double-clicking it in Finder or select "Choose other…" )

I don't (want to) use iCloud photos.

Neither of that works though.

  • I granted Photos full file access from system preferences.
  • I verified the current user hat full access to the folder
  • I tried to create a new library at the default location (it creates an empty 0 byte package)
  • I tried the "repair" feature (Option-Command). It displays a progress bar for approx one minute and after that I get the initial message again.
  • I started photos with option and can neither open then new empty library nor the old library.

From the package contents its looks as if the photos are all still present.

I cannot put them into a new library though, as i cannot open a new library.

To me it looks like there is a permissions problem with the photos app – but i cannot see how to fix it.

The repair tools seems to have the permissions to access my photos.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards, ralf

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