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Photos – multiple devices, multiple sources, multiple platforms and just a mess

I have got myself in to a ridiculous mess and need help. I've been a mac owner since my first SE back in the 80s and was an early adopter of digital cameras. I have a large library that I work to cull rather maniacally. BUT – I now have many devices: PC laptop (sorry Apple, hate the new keyboards); work Air (old, ugh, hate the resolution, but handy to access Mac stuff); iPad; iPhone; point-and-shoot Panasonic.

When I switched to PC about 6 months ago I began also syncing with Google Photos, as an extra backup. I exported all my Mac photos on to a USB stick and downloaded them all to my new Windows machine. And now can't find them – ha. Then I won a travel lottery and got to go on two amazing trips – so have a good 1000 photos that are new since the switch over to PC.

Recently, I was giving an old Air for work and that's what I'm using to try to get my photos out of my Smart Albums (which of course, I've recently learned, don't show up on other devices) and in to regular albums.

But now – my Google Photos and Apple Photos don't match – I just don't know how to manage this going forward because my PC laptop's screen is SO much better and downloading my point-and-shoot to the PC seems the desirable option. I think my Google photos has more photos than my iPhoto at this point and wouldn't mind getting those back in to iPhoto.

Any suggestions for help will be appreciated. I'd like one system going forward that will work and be visible across all platforms. I'm actually considering buying a used Apple desktop and trying to start again.

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