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When I pause, then play music in Apple Music, it skips part of the song Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  johnny_fitz1 Latest update on the question 3 replies 69 views asked by  johnny_fitz1 User profile for user: sjean sjean User level: Level 1 Some music is missing from library

When I press the pause button on my iPhone it pauses like it should, but when I press the play button after I pause it in the middle of a song, it skips forward anywhere from like a quarter of a second to a full second and I miss some of the words. Why does this happen? I have Apple Music and all the songs I listen to are all downloaded on my phone so I'm not streaming them.

I'm on an iPhone X running iOS 13 but this has been happening way back since iOS 11. I also have an iPhone 5 running iOS 10.3.4 and this problem does NOT happen. When I pause it on my 5, it immediately picks up exactly where I left off. It doesn't cut any part of the song at all.

The same thing happens on SoundCloud. On Spotify it fades out but then it always picks up exactly where it faded out.

I'm just wondering why this happens and if Apple is doing anything to fix it.

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