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Apple has opened access to the U1 chip in iOS 14. What does it give

Apple has opened access to the U1 chip in iOS 14. What does it give
The iPhone 11 U1 chip introduced last year provides ultra-wideband support for enhanced spatial perception. But so far, Apple has used this technology only for the AirDrop directed function in iOS 13.

Topic: Why do we need the mysterious U1 chip in the iPhone 11

In the coming months, everything should change, so how the company announced that it was opening a chip for developers with the new Nearby Interaction framework for iOS 14. It can transmit distance and relative direction between devices equipped with U1.

Apple gave several examples of application:

▪️ Virtual water balls can be placed in the hands of other users in AR
▪️ Taxi applications can more accurately determine the exact location of a user or driver in real time
▪️ In the game, the user can control the fan blade using his device and direct air to another gamer’s moving ball

Owners of iPhones will have to grant permission to detect their devices by neighboring devices every time they open an application with a framework . Random identifiers are generated for each session.

Apple also noted that for maximum recognition accuracy the iPhone should be in portrait orientation. [iMore]

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