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How I scratched the top three iPhone screens in 1 second

How I scratched the top three iPhone screens in 1 second
They say that people learn best from their mistakes, and I hasten to confirm this. Only one mistake wasn’t enough for me, so I repeated it twice.

When I photographed the iPhone 11 Pro Max last fall, one of the ideas was to put several iPhones on top of each other: Pro Max, Pro and the usual eleventh. Just to show the difference in the size of the case and, possibly, its thickness.

It was worth picking up this sandwich from the table in order to immediately understand: you can’t do this. Disappointment knew no bounds, because I had just unintentionally scratched not one, but two top iPhones at once. Each other.

As a result, this photo was not specifically used in the review. Suddenly, someone also decides to do so. But time passed, the error was forgotten, and something managed to take a similar picture in the Magic Keyboard review with the iPad Pro 2020.

That’s how I scratched it.

Why this happens ?

How I scratched the top three iPhone screens in 1 second
Take a closer look at the iPhone SE for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Exactly in this place there remained a wide, multiple scratch, although no one pressed on the smartphone from above.

The exterior of the rear camera modules of the iPhone is made of sapphire crystal. Some dispute this point, claiming that it is a composite material: a hybrid of real sapphire glass and ordinary polymer glass a la Gorilla Glass. Now it does not matter who is right, we are interested in the result.

Each lens is also edged with a perforated metal ring with sharp edges. But the lens still protrudes above the ring, literally a few fractions of a millimeter.

How I scratched the top three iPhone screens in 1 second
When the sharp edges of any of the lenses touch the display of any iPhone, they instantly damage the oleophobic layer on the screen, and at the slightest pressure the glass itself .

The lens at the same time feels great, nothing remains on it. But the iPhone, alas, will now remain scratched forever.

To be sure offensive, the oleophobic coating on the iPhone display is very slippery, and with the slightest deviation in height, the device slowly floats on this lens. Sometimes – very slowly, imperceptibly with the naked eye. And the scratch will turn into a whole wave.

How I scratched the top three iPhone screens in 1 second
It’s still not so noticeable, in reality you see the scratch almost always.

This is the kind of wave that I put first on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and then on the iPhone SE 2020.

Therefore, friends, moral: never put gadgets on the lenses of iPhone cameras or iPad Let my example serve as a lesson.

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