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An unobvious gesture in the Camera of the new iPhone. We shoot a series of photos in one motion

An unobvious gesture in the Camera of the new iPhone. We shoot a series of photos in one motion
When I used the iPhone X a year ago, every month I had to clean dozens of meaningless and identical photos from the photo gallery.

We are talking about serial photos, the so-called burst mode: when the camera takes a dozen pictures per second and saves everything to the smartphone’s memory.

I myself was to blame for their appearance, but Apple did not facilitate the situation. The fact is that the serial shooting mode was switched on too simply: it’s enough to hold your finger on the shutter button for half a second, and the iPhone is already starting to shoot frames as if not into itself.

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So the serial shooting mode on old devices is turned on. For example, this is the 2018 iPad Pro

With the transition to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, this problem has disappeared: all smartphones with the A13 processor, including the iPhone SE, have endowed the changed interface of the Camera application. Now holding down the shutter button only launches the quick video recording mode, Quick Take.

But how now to take serial photos on new iPhones? Suddenly needed. And it is desirable that quickly, without digging into the menu. Burst shooting is important in moments where every split second decides everything.

It turns out that Apple provided for everything and made a simple gesture. Which, alas, is far from intuitive after ten years of using iOS.
Burst mode on new devices with an A13 processor, for example, iPhone 11 Pro Max

To take a series of photos in the Camera application, you need to quickly swipe left on the shutter button and do not release it.

On most The button will display the number of already captured photos. As soon as you release your finger, a series of pictures will be saved in the iPhone’s memory.

Now it’s definitely better than in the old Camera interface. Fewer meaningless episodes. But then again, one could tell users about this in the Tips app. Not for nothing that it has been built into iOS for many years …

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