iPhone 11 Pro Max

FBI unlocks iPhone 11 Pro Max without Apple

FBI unlocks iPhone 11 Pro Max without Apple
The FBI recently used the GrayKey device to unlock the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Forbes reports.

This phone belonged to Baris Ali Koch, who helped the convicted brother leave the country with his passport.

Koch blocked iPhone 11 Pro Max with password and Face ID. According to his lawyer, Amir Mabjish, Koch did not give the password to investigators and was not forced to look on his iPhone to unlock using Face ID.

FBI employees did not ask Apple to crack the phone. Instead, they turned to Grayshift, which produces a box of GrayKey.
Topic: This is a GrayKey spy gadget. He hack any iPhone!
GrayKey hack iOS by password cracking. For a four-digit code, a few hours are enough, for a six-digit code, several days. When the program finishes working, the correct password will appear on the iPhone.

It is surprising that the same agency hacks smartphones in different ways. For example, in the case of shooter Saeed al-Shamrani, the FBI is trying to negotiate with Apple to unlock iPhone 5 and iPhone 7. [Forbes]

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