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I use only one gadget all month of self-isolation, and you?

I use only one gadget all month of self-isolation, and you?
When we were all put to our homes at the end of March, I was looking forward to sleepless nights with a joystick in my hands: the new Doom, the unfinished Spider Man and several other titles were calling and beckoning.

And if you get tired, you can always just to fall into bed with Nintendo Switch in your hands, there is also a lot of everything interesting, from Skyrim to Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which your hands still haven’t reached.

For the first 3 days everything went according to plan: completely immersed in games, with rare runs to the refrigerator and work. A couple of sleepless nights, starting all consoles in turn, a complete buzz.

And then until today I have never touched a single console. The only gadget that is constantly in my hands is the iPhone 11 Pro.

Yesterday, after another hot fight in Call of Duty Mobile, I put the PS4 controller aside and even wondered if I should sell the curling iron? After all, if for a month of constant sitting at home I almost did not turn it on, then after returning to normal life I will not play again.

So what is the secret that the iPhone successfully replaced not only serious consoles, but and other smartphones? Let me remind you that the top Samsungs are also gathering dust, taking them in their hands is completely uninteresting.

Compactness and performance

I use only one gadget all month of self-isolation, and you?
Analyzing my behavior, I came to a simple conclusion – iPhone allows you to do everything, literally on the spot. After all, to start playing the console, you need to make at least a few gestures, turn on the console and the TV.

And if you have an iPhone in your hands, you simply turn off the messenger and open the game. Or YouTube. Or the news. You don’t have to get up, go and even let go of the gadget anywhere.

And PS4 controller support is a complete delight. Actually, if you choose between playing some Jedi on PS4 and another round of the Battle Royale in CoD Mobile on an iPhone with a controller, I’ll choose the second.

I use only one gadget all month of self-isolation, and you?
I don’t know about you, but for me it’s still a real miracle when on a palm-sized device a card with 100 real players in real time is placed. And despite the fact that many also play with controllers in their hands, I manage to win a mobile “spell” more often than its console version.

So self-isolation showed which gadgets are really necessary every day and which are completely optional and without them you can easily do. I noticed that I even wanted to change my 11 Pro to Pro Max, because of the larger screen. And it will be perfect, even ready to sit a little longer in custody.

The main thing is that the controller from PS4 does not fail.

And which gadget do you often hold in your hands during the period of self-isolation?
I survived a month of self-isolation with

  • iPhone
  • Android smartphone
  • PS4
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC / laptop
  • Newspapers and magazines

25% iPhone

16% Android smartphone

25% PS4

0% Xbox

8% Nintendo Switch

25% PC / laptop

1% Newspapers and magazines
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