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last night, i see the notification from my system preferences.

when i open it, this mac ask me to sign in account.

i already sign in when i got that notification.

this mac wants me to sign out and sign in again.

i felt confused when i read that box then i sign out and now i couldn't sign in

this mac say: i already signed in to icloud,

to use this apple id as your primary icloud account, delete it from the internet accounts and sign in again.

open the internet account [then i opened it up]

when i was click that icloud box, these mac say: SIGN IN TO ICLOUD WITH YOUR APPLE ID.

whats wrong with this commands.

i've check my icloud, my apple id from the safari i've signed and signed out.

i've removed mac device from my iphone.

but these mac say the same things that make me mad.

i've done to try this mac signed in.

please help me through.

this mac just blowing my mind out.

Thank you.

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