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8 Apple Apps persisting in my backups after I delete them

Sorry if the title is confusing. Here is what is happening:

I work in the telecom department of my company provisioning iPhones for our installers. I generally provision 1 phone with the relevant information (wifi, settings, icons, etc), make a backup, and then copy that phone backup on other phones over and over again. I provision HUNDREDS of phones a month.

The problem is this: I have to clean off all irrelevant apps. I delete everything except for the needed apps. However when I make a backup of the profile with the icons/apps I don't want already cleaned off, when I load that profile on a phone, it re-installs all those apps again! Over and over again!

The offending apps are: Apple Store, Clips, GarageBand, iMovie, iTunes U, Keynote, Numbers, Pages. I don't want these apps, and having to manually delete 8 apps on HUNDREDS of phones is just such a time waste. It should be noted that this seems to be new with the advent of iOS 13, as when I provisioned the older phones this was not a problem.

How do I stop these apps from loading again in a phone after being deleted?

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