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I have recently had serious problems with my workout data translating to my fitness goals/rings. I am well aware of issues with Watch recognizing only 'brisk walks' and above as exercise minutes, but I am talking about multiple workouts with HRs in the 140s-160s, so this is particularly confusing. This has happened with nearly all types of workouts other than Other or Outdoor Walking/Outdoor Running. Here is just one example (of many!) from the past two days (same workout on both days): 30 minutes on treadmill (HR 135-150) logged as Other, which adds perfectly to my green ring and red ring. 15 minutes on rower (HR 145-160) logged as Rower, which does not add even a single minute to my green ring and adds almost nothing to my red ring – I left the gym both days with exactly 30 minutes of green ring. 15 minute walk (HR 120-135) logged as Outdoor Walk, adds 12 minutes to my green ring (HR was not in the 'acceptable' zone for 3 minutes of that walk). This has also happened with outdoor bike rides in the past few weeks: 11.5 miles logged as Outdoor Bike (HR average 165), ZERO minutes added to green ring; 9 miles logged as Outdoor Bike (HR average 163), ZERO minutes added to green ring.

In each of these cases, however, the workout DOES show up as a workout in the Activity app with all data. The issue is that this data is not being converted to ring data. I know that this seems like a small issue, since the workouts are ultimately being tracked, but I bought Apple Watch because I was drawn to its goal-oriented setup (activity rings), and I don't feel that my watch is operating properly in this regard, which is why I'm reluctant to just choose "Other" every time I workout.

I have done the following things already (multiple times) at the recommendation of Apple support and my local Apple retailer: updated OS on phone and watch; recalibrate fitness data; unpair/pair watch from phone as both new watch and from backup; uninstall/re-install apple healthkit and Activity app; tighten the strap on my wrist; clean the back of the HR sensors.

I have spoken to Apple and my local store numerous times with no luck. Most recently, my store said it must be a software/communication issue, but I'm not sure how I might proceed with that answer. I've been considering updating to the latest Apple Watch in an exciting new material, but I'm definitely hesitant to do so unless I'm sure that the device can do what it promises to do!

Many thanks in advance to all who take the time to read this post and think of possible solutions 🙂

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