iCloud on my Mac

Trapped in a loop

Silly me!

My contacts on my iPhone 7 are not synchronising with my IMac running Mojave 10.14.6. The solutions online were to use iCloud. I had limited previously (50GB) and did not want to store vastly duplicated huge photo files, but thought I could simply avoid saving photos to the cloud.

So I changed my iCloud setup and watched my desktop disappear into the great beyond and no doubt other files. When coming to log out, I was given the option of saving files – now in the cloud – on my desktop. I select this and a very lengthy process commenced (despite fibre to home). In fact, it will not complete. I I have restarted and gone through the same process with the same outcome.

I do not have a folder on my iMac that is called "home" and that is probably why I cannot find any folders called iCloud (archive).

Please rescue me from this "fairy ring"

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