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Playlists a mess in Music with Catalina

I was wary of upgrading. I didn't mind podcasts (that's a whole other story…man, that app ***** on Catalina) and movies being yanked out and just leaving Music, but I've spent way too many hours making my iTunes exactly what I wanted it to be. I did my research and I backed up multiple time and went for the upgrade.

Music is sluggish with Catalina. My question: is my hardware too old and making the response slower? None of the other changes appear to be noticeable other than in Music.

Music doesn't respond the way iTunes did (remembering where you were when scrolling through Artists, Albums, etc.).

My Playlists are wrecked. Apple says there is no way to bulk or mass edit playlists, but does anyone have a work around? All of my Playlists are there and I am grateful for that but all of my View Options were reset to a garbage template that I can't spent hours resetting. With over 200 Playlists and 14 preferred View Options that would be a lot of work. Apple says I can give them Feedback and they'll take these things under consideration but small things they might not've thought of won't seem like as big a deal to them as it does to me.

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