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Can not import pictures to Photos library on NAS after Catalina 10.15.1 upgrade

I have a iMac (late 2015), and a Synology 6 disk NAS with btrfs filesystem (RAID6). My NAS volume is open and no login is needed, and full read/write access. SMB and AFP is activated as well as Bonjour, and there is no problem finding the NAS volume from Finder and read/write files in any NAS folder.

In a folder on my NAS, I have my Photos library, and it been working fine for years.

After upgrading to Catalina I can not import pictures from my camera (a Nikon df). I see my camera as normal, I see all pics in my library, but if I choose import something, Photos switches to Import tab, but nothing happens; no import. 

Also, I can't edit pictures from my Photos library, like there is a write-lock on them or something. I get this (attached) error saying something like (translated from Swedish) "Error getting image – An error occured when getting a larger image for editing. Try again later. ”

Weird thing. If I use Image Capture, I can import. Then I can also Import it into Photos library on the NAS from Photos. But I can still not edit images after that work-around import.

I tried to switch Photos library, then switch back; no luck. It doesn’t not seem like many other has my problem, not much to google anyway… 

Any ideas out there?  Can not import pictures to Photos library on NAS after Catalina 10.15.1 upgrade

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