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The new Photos is slow and pictures are not in sharp focus.

I am experiencing problems with the new "Photos"

as of the Catalina upgrade. There are several things, but the most annoying is

the degrading of the focus after making changes to a photo. 1) After making

changes to a picture that is in sharp focus, the photo takes a long time to

process after hitting the "Done" button. Then when done, it is

slightly less sharp. I have played with validating this problem and it is a

recurring problem. I imported the same photo and looked at them side by side.

There is no question that the photo with changes is not in sharp focus. I

reverted the photo in question, and the sharp focus came back to the photo. I

tried it on another photo and the same thing happened. Have you noticed this

problem? I cannot find it reported in the Apple web site or other comments on

Catalina. The other problems: 2) Very slow, 3) When scrolling through photos,

the photo comes up as very fuzzy and then clarifies.

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