macOS Mojave

Strange time machine behavior.

I have backed up last week with TM my entire fresh installed Mac Pro on a NAS (8 TB) Once finished (approx 5 TB, a few external HD connected) I have forced to run time machine and a new backup of approx 7 Gb has started. Than again once finished i run the backup once more and further 5 Gb has been backed up. So I'm just wandering what has the system backed up since I have practically not used the computer in the mean time of 2 consecutive backup.

This happens practically every time TM start the backup and, despite I have not addedd nor deleted anything, the new backup will add up to some 5 Gbs to the existent situation.

Beside that, if i enter into TM to check the files backed up , i can find ONLY the backup of the day. Everything done since yesterday is not on the TM backup. How is that possible???



Mac Os Mojave 10.14.3

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