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Cracking/High pitch sound from bluetooth headphones after macOS Catalina Installation Question marked as solved ★ Latest reply  by  siv313 Latest update on the question 2 replies 126 views asked by  Michaelvol User profile for user: esridhar126 esridhar126 User level: Level 1 Cracking sound on bluetooth headphone connected to Catlina os 10.15 Question marked as solved helpful ★ Latest reply  by  siv313 Latest update on the question 26 replies 497 views asked by  esridhar126 User profile for user: ThsFrost ThsFrost User level: Level 1 Нет флажка "разблокировать Mac с помощью apple watch"

Since I installed macOS Catalina, my Sony WH – CH500 bluetooth headphones make a huge crack/high pitch kind of noise, especially when there is a sudden change in volume. I have tested the headphones with ios13 to see if it is the headphones' fault but it worked normally. I tried resetting the bluetooth module, unpairing and pairing again ,deleting the Bluetooth.plist file and none of these worked. I wonder if anyone has been experiencing the same issue.

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