iPod touch

Keep getting locked out even when I have not logged in for a while.

I use my ipod for music mostly so shut off the internet and a box keeps showing up all the time to verify. No reason I should have to be harassed 20 times a day to do this so I stopped trying to do it. every time I try to sign in with it it say wrong entry even though I know it is right. I sign in on my pc and check everything out and it is good. then a few weeks later I get locked out again. I go through the verification process and everything is fine. then the next month it all starts over again. I am not entering my password wrong and no one else is logging in on this account. I should not have to go through this every few weeks or even a month just because I don't have the internet on. It is an older device but should not have to replace it . Plus even when I have done all the verification steps the verify identity thing keeps coming up 3 time every time I turn it on. So annoying. why?

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