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Ios 13.2.2 bugs

  1. Ios 13.2.2 reports iphone 6S battery life failing fast. (Note: Apple replaced battery on iphone 6S in August, 2018. ) Battery Indicator drops to 1% and stays there until battery dies. I’ve tested the phone the last two days with screen brightness at mid-level and the phone ran for over 50’ playing a YouTube video at 1%. While cycling, Cyclemeter app shuts down automatically at 4%. (Verified 11/10-11/11)
  2. Siri Car Play microphone in Toyota no longer works 11/11./19 I closed all apps, and restarted the phone and this function remained broken.
  3. 11/10/19 Siri function was broken on phone even though there was an okay cell signal (2bars). Restarting the phone did not help. I manually called the person and the phone worked fine for the 30’ call.
  4. Any fixes for these items?
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