Virus downloaded in disguise as Apple Support!

Yesterday I got a pop-up message on my iMac after sending a crash report to Apple. The message said it was coming from Apple Support and because of the crash report I needed to engage in a "Chat" with them. So, stupidly, I believed it and did it allowing them to have remote control of my iMac so they could "fix" the problem. Yes, they planted an ugly virus in my iMac and now every webpage I go to redirects me to a "fix your Mac" fake page and also a bunch of other problems have occurred such as "Finder" not working, beach balling, extreme slow performance. Now Etre Check says I need a new hard drive. Well they suggested SSD. I am sooooo mad at myself for falling for this horrible ploy. Is there anyway to remove .exe unix files implanted on my iMac before it crashes for good?

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