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is anyone else having issues with 13.1.2? I’m having issues in several apps including Sell on Etsy, June’s Journey, Facebook..a few others. The issues differ. Etsy first would capitalize the 1st two letters of every word, now it capitalizes nothing. June’s crashes constantly (have notified the developers there who are very good at responding). Facebook just does weird stuff, probably because I won’t let Mark have access to the workings of my inner being. Spell check just doesn’t work, or I guess that should be auto correct doesn’t work, but spell check not so much either. Plus there’s issues in a few other apps. Is this an Apple problem or do the apps need to update to work with Apple? All of this happens on both iPad 6 and iPhone XS. Thoughts? Guidance? Recommendations for a good shrink? 😄 sure would appreciate it.

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