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Horrible experience with the iPhone XR

really disappointed and frustrated after having all the iPhone since the 4, I bought the mine in April 2019 XR in the Us and when I got back to my country every phone call failed I could only received calls and when I made them the first time they failed! I got back to the us in aprender fortunately and it took me almost 2 hour to run the diagnose until they realize my phone had a problem and a change it, I got back to PERÚ and still have the same problem and a lot of my app don’t work or stay frozen and I have to turn off my phone for a while! It’s the worst phone ever and I want a solution! I’m not flying back to the us this year but it’s incredible because a lot of people have the same problem! Hope you give me a solution because it’s disappointing and frustrated and hope you treat well your clients!

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