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Podcast Settings Sync Problems

I have podcasts set to sync across devices, iMac, iPad and iPhone. My preference is to only keep the most recent podcast on all devices but I have found that I have to go through every show and select this individually and I have to do this to every device.. At around 30 shows that means I'm having to do this 90 times..

I also seem to have an issue with this setting staying set. I'm not sure which device is the culprit but I'm finding that some shows have reverted back to the default of keeping the most recent 3 and this is pushing these podcasts to the rest of my devices.

Is there a solution to locking down my settings, do I need to do this to every single show on each device and is there a way of changing the default of 3 shows so that I don't have to keep changing it for new shows.


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